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The Portable round-a-bout traffic light system is designed to save the need for traffic controllers in the construction or removal of a round-a-bout. The standard system has four portable traffic lights and additional traffic lights can be installed for other entries such as a business or residential driveway that is in the portable traffic light controlled area.

The lights operate in an anticlockwise direction and each fase can have a preset green time. The secondary roads can have sensors and will only give a green light when a vehicle is present (otherwise it will skip this phase) saving on red wait time. The system does not require any traffic control and operates 24/7 this saves the setting up both in the morning and evening.

The Portable round-a-bout traffic light system elevates the reorganization of the intersection when no work or traffic controllers are present. The system saves the cost of 5 traffic controllers in the construction of a round-a-bout saving many thousands of dollars.
The system normally consists of two sets of portable traffic lights with special controllers and radio remotes. Additional lights can consist of a complete trailed mounted red-amber-green or) as for a driveway a single green). We can also supply message boards and light towers either diesel or solar for the project.
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