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Portable Roundabout Traffic Light (PRTL)

The roundabout traffic lights consist of 3/4 or 5 light heads that operate individually in an anti clockwise direction enabling 24/7 operation without traffic management. Two or three traffic lights can have sensors fitted and if no traffic is detected with skip that fase, enabling fluent traffic flow.

Portable Pedestrian Traffic Light (PPTL)

The Pedestrian Traffic Lights consist of one or two sets of portable traffic lights and two pedestrian poles mounted on one meter square concrete blocks. The poles consist of actuation button, and stop and go red and green persons. The system is controlled by radio and therefore requires no wires and operates the same configuration as the permanent pedestrian traffic lights, and is available for pedestrian safety wig wag advance warning signs.

Light Towers

We can supply Light Towers in either diesel or solar powered; with our crane truck we can deliver multiple light towers saving on delivery costs. The light towers have a timer fitted that will turn on and off automatically, saving staff visiting the site out of hours to turn the lights on and off.
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