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Messages should be designed taking into account the following factors:
 1. Each phase should convey a single thought.
 2. If the message can be displayed in one phase
 3. The message should be as brief as possible.
 4. When a message is longer than two phases, additional screens should be used.
 5. When abbreviations are used, they should be easily understood.

Historically variable message boards were used for road-works, so motorists instinctively look at them, and so they have become an extremely effective advertising tool. We are the only company to offer dual colour boards, which can be switched between red and yellow LED's to give the appearance of a new message when you desire it. Very few customers hire the sign only once, as they see the dramatic increase in sales. Feedback has suggested that in most cases, the use of a VMS has at least doubled the expected sales.
High impact, bright and clear communication, ensures traffic driving past can read   your message more than 400 meters away, guaranteeing to target your audience. TechRoad Hire has taken the hassle and work out of the hiring process. We are more than happy to help tailor your message to suit your purpose. We deliver and set-up where you request it and do not use subcontract transport companies. Therefore, our own drivers ensure that the board is in the best possible location, and in clear view of motorists.
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