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Video Sign Trailer
Video screen trailer mounted which operates on 240 volt or a diesel generator. This screen can display slides with different effects or a video with or without sound. Facilities are available to connect to a TV channel to screen a sporting or function, or a DVD can be screened.

Speed Trailers

The speed sign measures and display the radial velocity of the ground moving target. When a vehicle passes by, the speed sign is able to display the measured results to the driver and reminds the driver not to drive with excessive speed. Install SAT in an area where the speed is restricted, this will help remind the driver of their speed and ensure safe driving. Consideration needs to be viewing distance and in a sunny position for the solar panels to work.

Wig Wag Sign

Wig Wag trailer mounted Sign has two amber lights which can be remotely activated by the portable traffic lights prior to changing to red to warn motorists. These have been requested by road authorities when a set of portable pedestrian traffic lights are placed on a major road.
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