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TechRoad Hire recognises the changing needs of our clients during roadwork’s, and therefore we provide a round the clock solution. This includes relocation of boards, instant remote message changes, changes in your program and in the unlikely event of a system failure, fixes the problem to allow you to keep working safely. We can deliver at any time, day or night. Our experienced drivers know where the most appropriate locations are, so you can be sure that the sign does not obscure or is obscured by traffic signals and the like. TechRoad Hire is geared to provide urgent, last-minute solutions to your problems. We often get requests for immediate delivery, and can usually fulfill the requests within the hour.

Service 24/7
TechRoad Hire provides all customers with a year-round, day or night, support system. TechRoad have a service centre in all states offering a service that others try to offer but can’t. TechRoad Hire only uses their own qualified drivers to deliver and place the equipment to the client’s requirements, and often is able to offer a better alternative than chosen. TechRoad Hire was the first company to offer a tracking system which will give the position of our equipment to 100 meters, even if inside a building where GPS fails. We understand that during your hire, changes may be required out of hours and therefore, we are able to provide the following services:
1. You’re after hours call will be returned in 10 minutes by a staff member that can assist you.
2. If changes are made to your existing requirements, we can deliver or re-locate a board for you.
3. On-site support can be arranged when an event requires the assistance of a full-time TechRoad Hire supervisor, such as the Grand Prix.
4. We understand that sometimes circumstances may arise and equipment is needed at the last minute.
5. We are flexible in regard to emergency situations and usually can have the equipment dispatched within the hour.

Complex Installations
We can modify our equipment to suit your needs. For example, we have designed Portable Pedestrian Crossings and T-intersection Portable Traffic Lights with multi-heads. We also have the capability to install radar detection hardware and software to our VMS.
Pedestrian Traffic Lights Double- Headed, T-Intersection, Scaffold mounted for extra height

With over 20 years experience with Government roadwork’s bodies, we meet the requirements to give piece of mind to our customers. Knowledge of product specification, pre-works and works schedules, and message change requirements has ensured that we can handle the major road works. You can be guaranteed that your message will change at the specified times, your boards be in position on the day required, with the correct pre-works/ works message. Also, be assured that the message will be turned to a "roadwork’s complete" message upon completion, whether planned or unplanned.
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