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Portable pedestrian traffic lights consist of:
1.     Set of Portable traffic lights that conform to the Australian standards
2.     Two pedestrian posts with green and red walkman and pedestrian push button mounted on one meter square concrete blocks
3.     OPTIONAL EXTRAS:  A second set of portable traffic lights to show four aspects to vehicles
4.     Sign trailer with flashing prepare to stop lights which is activated when the pedestrian button is pushed
5.     TechRoad can supply light towers and message boards if required

The portable traffic lights are solar powered and radio controlled no hard wiring is required. The traffic lights operate when the pedestrian button is pushed.
When a preset time has lapsed the traffic light will turn red, after a short interval the green walkman will light, after a programmed interval the Redman will flash and then stop flashing.
The vehicles will then receive a green signal (if the prepared to stop sign is installed it will stop flashing)
The traffic lights are required to be placed 6 meters prior to the pedestrian crossing and a stop line 6 meters prior to the traffic lights.
Councils or road authorities sometimes require aspects to be placed on both sides of the carriage way.
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