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TechRoad Hire was the first Australian company to import and have manufactured to its specifications its own Variable Message Signs for use in road traffic management, outdoor event advertising including traffic and pedestrian control, and advertising for sales of products and activities. Tech Road Hire commenced trading in 1993 and became the distributor of Precision Solar boards that are recognized as the best in the world.
In 1996 TechRoad used the first message board with 400mm high characters 8’ or 2.4m wide for the ease of city traffic management. These signs could be positioned on nature strips and medium strips where other boards were too large. This size board has been copied by many other companies throughout the world; with the 400mm high characters now becoming a world standard. With the increasing price of purchasing and maintaining equipment companies that do not require constant use of a VMS are choosing to use hire as a cheaper alternative.
Over the past 25 years the introduction of electronic variable message signs (VMS) has increased dramatically to provide information along highways at airports and for pedestrian and driver information.
Portable trailer mounted signage is used to assist with temporary traffic management this may include car accidents, level crossing accidents, water over the road, oil petrol on the road, road washed away or caved in, unsafe bridges, and sporting events, community entertainment or more recently for advertising of products and services.
LED (light emitting diode) VMS are constructed of a matrix of LEDs, with clusters of LEDs acting as a single element. The number of LEDs per cluster is dependent on sign size. Most transit VMS use either a single LED per element on signs with 10cm letter heights and four LEDs per element for the larger signs. The illumination of select LEDs creates the message.
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