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TechRoad Hire offers an effective mobile advertising solution to complement your existing marketing and advertising activities.
·         Variable Message Signs Amber
·         Variable Message Signs 2 colour
·         Variable Message Signs 3 colour
·         Variable Message Signs 5 colour
Video Screen Trailer
Video screen trailer mounted which operates on 240 volt or a diesel generator. This screen can display slides with different effects or a video with or without sound. Facilities are available to connect to a TV channel to screen a sporting or function, or a DVD can be screened.

Our qualified staff will discuss your needs and offer the best value for money. The following is an example of what you can achieve.
1.    From a week to several days before the event the VMS are placed in strategic positions to promote your event:
  • what the event is  
  • the date  
  • commencement time
2.    On the day of the event the message is changed to:
  • help direct traffic
  • send traffic on an alternate route
  • send traffic to another car park
3.    At the completion of the event the message can be changed:     
  • assist with traffic exiting
  • to promote a future event
  • thank the patrons for attending

Our clients have included:
·         Major Melbourne CBD Hotels
·         Car Yards
·         Shopping Complexes
·         Entertainment Venues such as Hotels and Pubs
·         Retailers
·         Property Developers (e.g. Land Releases)
·         The Perfect Proposal   
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