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A Haul road uses a portable traffic light system to enable trucks and vehicles to exit a work site onto a roadway or cross a roadway safely. It can have multiple exits or the system can operate automatically saving on traffic control. It can operate by either a sensor or by a dual push button system mounted on a post for both cars and trucks.
If variable message signs are used to warn motorists they can automatically change warning trucks are entering the roadway. If the road is low volume traffic the portable traffic lights would not be needed.

Additional portable traffic lights have been used for other roads and driveways in the controlled area either red-amber-green or for a driveway a single green light. The system is completely radio controlled requiring no wiring. The system therefore saves on traffic controllers and can be switched to flashing amber or turned off if not required at night.
A vms board on site can be activated to display a different message e.g. CAUTION TRUCKS ENTERING FROM LEFT

Opposite Haul Road post mounted sensor.
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