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Variable Message Sign (VMS)

A VMS is often required for traffic management to inform drivers of changes in the road conditions. In addition, it improves workplace safety. TechRoad Hire's VMS can be accessed remotely to change your message if your work schedule changes. We provide a wide range of VMS to suit every application, from high speed highways to difficult access areas. Speed detection software is also available, to be used as a tool for managing speeding motorists.

Portable Traffic Light (PTL)
These units run   self-sufficiently, year-round, and allow for 24-hour operation in directing   traffic. They come with many unique safety features, including SMS fault alert and amber "safety" lights if faults occur. They can be set up for any distance required.
 We can modify units to include double-headed lanterns, T- intersection requirements, and install Pedestrian Crossing Lights to work with the Portable Traffic Lights.

Arrow Boards

Our Arrow Boards are reliable, easy to maneuver and make lane closing a safe and easy operation. Bright LED lamps allow for long distance visibility, with right, left, double arrows and safety lights. They can be easily towed by any standard vehicle, and require minimal maintenance. For road construction or events when a lane needs to be closed an arrow board makes lane closing safe and easy.


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